Water Heater Repair and Installation

Water Heater Repair in Las Vegas, NV

Never have to take a cold shower again! Everyone’s least favorite thing but when your water heater goes out you may be left without much of a choice! That is why we highly encourage using R&R for your water heater repair Las Vegas needs. We even do installations meaning that we will take your old water heater then professionally install your new one along with any repairs and ongoing maintenance. Meaning you would have one company not just handling all of your plumbing needs but any water heater repairs, maintenance, or installations!

Hot water is a necessity in your home, so when your water heater goes out, it can be a major inconvenience. At R&R Heating & Air, we offer 24-hour water heater installation and repairs for your convenience. If you suspect your water heater is going out or you know it needs to be repaired, don’t hesitate to reach out. We can come to your home and offer a free quote for installation or repair with a satisfaction guarantee. If you need water heater repair in Las Vegas, NV, contact us today!

Our Process

We make it simple so you can get your water heater working as soon as possible.

1. Fill out the contact form or give us a call
2. We’ll diagnose the problem and give you a free estimate
3. One of our skilled technicians will come to your home and complete the job
4. We ensure 100% satisfaction!


Water Heater Repair

When it comes to your water heater we highly recommend taking no shortcuts or risks as it can be extremely dangerous and hazardous to your home. Please never let anyone but a licensed professional touch your water heater repair Las Vegas or you could be vulnerable to expensive and dangerous situations. Water heaters are so important to keep in a safe condition that we ask to inspect your unit every time we come out to your home so we can ensure everything is set up and functioning properly. We will give you a comprehensive detailed report to let you know how the water heater is functioning then let you decide if you want us to proceed with any work or maintenance to the unit. This has saved our customers thousands of dollars and prevented dozens of water heaters from becoming dangerous or shutting down. 

Ask us about routine maintenance and how you could get on our schedule for routine water heater maintenance Las Vegas. This is going to be the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way to get longevity out of your water heater along with ensuring that no problems occur during the life of your system. If you have never had your unit checked out or have any questions please do not hesitate to call us out for an inspection! We will gladly look at your unit and produce one of our inspection reports for you to review while guiding you to the next course of action. 

Water Heater Installations 

Ready to upgrade your water heater Las Vegas or has your unit decided to just give out on you entirely? Well we do not that this can be a very stressful experience that can completely disrupt your day to day. Life is busy, you need a fast and professionally done replacement at a price you can afford. Well that is where R&R steps in! We provide top of the line quality water heaters from trusted time tested vendors. They all have manufacturer warranties so you can feel confident in your investment plus with our expert installers you can feel confident that you are covered under our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We understand this is a large investment for most which is why we do not take it lightly and will be intentional about giving you multiple options. 

We also take the installation extremely seriously as discussed above. Your water heater can be dangerous if not installed and taken care of properly which is why we highly advise that you never let anyone but a licensed plumber touch your water heater. For water heater repair Las Vegas please look no further than R&R with our team of experts ready to take care of you!

Contact Us

If you have made it this far through reading then you have to know by now how important water heater maintenance is and how vital to the protection of your home it is for you to get any work professionally done. So do not hesitate to communicate with us! You can click on the number or fill out the form. One of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible to get you on the schedule for a time that is convenient for you!  So give us a call or fill out the contact form if you would like more information about Las Vegas water heater installation. We look forward to serving you!